Visual Composer - WPBakery Page Builder does not work with Gutenberg editor or WordPress 5

WordPress is great, and being able to customize your WordPress run website is just the icing on the cake. However not all of us are coding gurus. Heck, some WordPress lovers don’t know anything about HTML or CSS. But this shouldn’t stop you from being able to customize your WordPress theme. This is where page builders come in.

Drag & drop page builders are widely available as plugins and are built into many popular themes. They make it possible for users of all levels to make changes to the general layout of a theme, and it can make adding extra flourishes (icons, skill-bars, pricing tables, etc.) super easy.

What is Visual Composer for WordPress?

Visual Composer is a fantastic plugin developed by WP Bakery that adds a drag & drop page builder to your WordPress theme. Visual Composer is the best-selling plugin on CodeCanyon. Aside from having the standard drag and drop functionality, the latest version of the plugin comes with 60 predefined layouts, allowing you to create beautiful layouts even faster.

The beauty of Visual Composer is that it works with any theme. It packs quite a punch when it comes to features, the most notable being the drag and drop functionality. There are more than 40 content elements that you can add to any page. They are divided into four categories: Content, Social, Structure, and the standard WordPress widgets. You can add columns, rows, text blocks, accordions, Facebook like boxes, image galleries, even raw HTML code.

You can add columns, rows, text blocks, accordions, Facebook like boxes, image galleries, even raw HTML code.


Each element has its own settings where you can tweak the appearance of that particular element.


You can also use any of their pre-built page templates to speed up your design time. Templates range from About pages to Service and Landing pages.

Visual Composer Website Builder simplifies the process of page building in WordPress. The process of web design becomes not only fast and easy, but it also becomes more fun because designers have a lot more creative freedom to express their ideas. And when web professionals have more creative freedom, they can come up with better design solutions.

Now you might have this question while playing with your composer specially with new updated WordPress version 5.

WPBakery Page Builder does not work with Gutenberg editor or WordPress 5 and later


“Just installed the WP 5.0 update and I have approximately 30+ client sites that have automatically installed this update and they all have WP Bakery as their site builder. I need a way to disable the builder that comes built-in with this new version of WP as my clients are all familiar and prefer WP Bakery Visual Composer; not this new thing that appears to be forced on them.


WordPress visual composer not loading.. Hi I installed Rosie theme (Version: 1.4) and Installed visual composer (Version 4.4.2). Website was working very fine for more than a year without any issue, but now while editing the pages, the visual composer not loading


This issue can  be easily trouble shoot by bring back the old editor in the WordPress. Gutenberg  is still in early stage of the development but Gutenberg is the future . Contrary to popular opinion, Gutenberg is not a replacement for the current text editor. It is a new way to build websites. I like to think of it as Facebook for WordPress.

There are two ways to use existing composer in the updated wordpress version 5. 

1. The first method is my favorite way to bring back the existing composer to quickly settle down after the tremor  i faced is by installing classic editor. Classic Editor is available as an option instead of using new editor and you can download it from here

We strongly recommend you to disable Gutenberg editor for WPBakery Page Builder based themes. If you use WordPress with built in Gutenberg editor you can disable it with this official plugin.

If you use Gutenberg editor and does not want to disable it you need to click Pages > All pages, and then Add new > Classic editor or edit page with Classic editor link near page name in list, otherwise Gutenberg editor will replace WPBakery Page builder.

If you have any issues, do comment or email to me for help.


2. For the Premium users of the Visual Composer Website Builder, we offer an element ‘Gutenberg’ which can be downloaded from the Hub. Once downloaded, it can be inserted anywhere in your Visual Composer layout.

Follow the steps here:



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