Top Tips for Creating a Bhutan Travel Website

If you are planning to create a new travel website for your business, there are many things that you will want to take into account. Here is a guide of the most important factors to consider ensuring you get the website that you need.

  • Travel Technology tools

One of the most important factors to keep in mind when you launch your travel website is that you can use a range of specialist tools that can be of assistance in running your business.

For example, integrating your account from trip advisor to your website to incorporate feedbacks, contact & reservation form, upcoming events calendar, etc.

The aim of incorporating such tools is to improve customer experience and, essentially, maximize sales.

  • Choose Responsive Design

People use a variety of devices to access the internet these days, including computers, tablets and smartphones. It is your job to make sure they enjoy a satisfactory experience no matter which device they use to visit your website.

Responsive design is the solution. Using this type of design, you will only have one website to look after, and it will display differently according to the device being used. It is highly effective, easy to maintain, more cost effective and more convenient.

Also, with recent Google algorithm changes hinting that responsive websites will do better in search engine rankings, it is another pretty good reason to get a mobile friendly website.

  • Use a Content Management System (CMS)

 A CMS provides you with more control over your website, meaning you can update it, make changes and add features on your own without any help from a designer.

This can be especially useful when you have a special offer that you want to publish on your site immediately, or when you want to add a new feature like a contact form.

There are various platforms to choose, but one of the best, we believe, is wordpress. This is open source and so it is completely free to use. A skilled designer can use it to create any type of website and any design because it is incredibly flexible.

  • Get a Unique Design

Your website needs to stand out, so make sure you choose a designer who can create something unique. An experienced designer will know how to create travel websites that jump out, as well as sites that provide the user with an excellent experience.

Don’t opt for off-the-shelf solutions because it will be harder to distinguish your site from the competition, so make sure you find a designer who can create something really unique.

  • Start Publishing Content ASAP

Travel sites need great content to attract visitors and improve SEO. If you use a platform like wordpress, publishing and editing content is easy, whether you are publishing a blog post, images, or anything else.

You may even want to create some content before your website is up and running so that you immediately have something to post when it is launched.

When you look for a design agency, ask them about the above areas to find out whether they are familiar with them, and also ask to see examples of previous travel sites that they have created.

This will provide you with a good idea of whether they are the right designers for you, and you can then set about getting your site up and running. Or, simply give us a call at iDruk Solutions and we can discuss your options.

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