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JICA Bhutan Office and an entrepreneur “i Hub” are conducting 5 days of training for prospective entrepreneurs from 14th Dec. to 18th Dec. 2020, as activities of “Entrepreneurs support and expansion of job opportunity” in JICA’s Community Empowerment Program (CEP.)JICA has been supporting entrepreneurs in Bhutan.

The support to entrepreneurs and Cottage and Small Industries (CSI) is also in line with the Government of Bhutan’s development policy under the 12th Five Year Plan. On the other hand, many entrepreneurs are struggling every day to solve various social issues that have been addressed in response to COVID-19. For this reason, JICA Bhutan Office is implementing various activities of CEP to support this country with and post Covid-19.

This training is designed in accordance with the result of a survey of the prospective and existing entrepreneurs and targets both of them. The result of this survey shows that many youths are interested in start-up, however, most of them have never had training for the start-up.

Therefore, the business Model Canvas has become the main topic of this training in order that they can break down their business model into easily-understood segments. I Hub and JICA Bhutan Office are planning to conduct 3 batches of training for this Business Model Canvas, and the other batches of training will be held from 21st Dec. 2020 and 28th Dec. 2020.

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