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Looking over this week, there has been a radical rise in the new cases detected in Capital Thimphu. All the agencies playing a vital role in controlling the spread of new outbreaks but for it to be effective, information about where those who have tested positive may have been in contact with others is essential.

Contact Form – Using Form

At this moment, one of the most important responsibilities or duties of any citizen is to share the data or information about premises and people we have met or visited to support the respective agency in initiating the contract tracing process.

I am sharing a basic tutorial on creating a personal digital contact form for your household to keep the record of the visitors using google form and QR code. The purpose of this tutorial is to provide families/households with collecting contact information of visitors to their premises.

Open Google Form by visiting this url

Google Form

Choose Blank and include all the necessary form fields required.

Google Form Design

After you complete designing your form, click on setting to remove the tick from “Limit to 1 response “. As we want user not to restrict them from using this form as many times they visit.

Google Form Settting

Next get the url of the form. Click on the SEND button on the top right of the screen and choose second icon LINK and to click on shorten url to reduce the length of URL.

Google Form URL Link

Create a QR code for your form link. Visit and paste your link

QR Generator

Save the QR generated and download it. Keep Your QR posted in your premises for visitor to scan. To scan use any QR Code scanner from your mobile. Make sure you have internet available in your device.

My Custom QR Code
After Scanning the Code from your Mobile Phone
After the Visitor Respond

Once the response is submitted, you will be notified with responses submitted in your google form. Extract the form responses in your excel.

Response Notification
Extract Data to Excel

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