Should Anonymity be banned in Bhutan?

Should Anonymity be banned in Bhutan?

What is Cyber Bullying? Ditch the Label defines cyber bullying as the use of digital technologies with an intention to offend, humiliate, threaten, harass or abuse somebody. Have you ever been a victim to such bullying? Or Have you done it to someone else? Have you ever created a fake account in order to post something bad about your enemy with his or her picture? Or have you ever seen someone you know being popular on Bhutanese News and Forums? Have you ever challenged someone to come and fight with you in reality through comments on Facebook? Or have you ever felt low because somebody faceless wrote lies about you?

Should Anonymity be banned in Bhutan?

I am full of questions here because I wonder if it is just me who is concerned about such issues in Bhutan. Or maybe you have never been through any of the situations I have mentioned above and you do not care. I was carefree until I lived some of those stories.

Will Rogers said, “Good judgment comes from experience and a lot of that comes from bad experience.” I would like to share with you all, some of my bad experiences. I have learned a lot of lessons and I can only be thankful to all of my bad days.

Cyber Bullying in Bhutan

20th of August this year, the day I wrote an article titled ‘A List Of Ex Lovers’ on WAB (Writers Association of Bhutan), I received a very annoying message from someone unknown. I am not even sure if he used the right profanities since the whole thing was shitty. I wanted to report about it to the Police. I checked his profile but did not find a clue about how he looked. I could say without a doubt that it was a fake account. I was helpless and I had to block him. I wish I had the chance to meet him in person and remind him that it is not the right way to talk to any girl.

All hands must be on deck to put a stop the prevalent, unscrupulous acts of fake accounts opener. It is weakening the system and it makes the Admin work very intractable. Stringent measures must be put in place to serve as deterrent to others unless this will persist and they will kill the system even before it has begun. Many benefits abound on this platform and how we treat it will like our business and we will see the benefits trickling in like beads of sweat. Courtesy :

Whether you have a face or you’re faceless on Facebook, you have to be thoughtful about whatever you say to another person. Think about how your opinion would make someone happier and better instead of causing threat to someone’s peace. There was another incident when a woman started arguing with me. She accused me of having an affair with her cousin’s husband. She said she would upload the screenshots of our messages on Bhutanese News and Forums or drag me to court. It shocked me totally. I am sure she just assumed the whole story.

Good judgment comes from experience and a lot of that comes from bad experience.”

The truth: A man and I were good friends. He always said he was single and that he will marry late. He used to tease me a lot calling me ‘Darling’ and saying ‘Love You Too’ when I never said that I loved him in the first place. He was an intelligent friend I must say. I met him through his younger brother a few years ago. I explained everything to the woman in details.

Then I met the so called ‘wife’ of my intelligent friend. Honestly, he had a very good job and he was well settled to start thinking of marriage and stuff. The wife asked me if I wanted to be with her husband. She also said she is ready to give up on him although she was pregnant. It was another shock to me. I was picturing myself as a villain already. I should have known that he had a wife who was pregnant even if he never told me. My friend turned out to be a liar. How could he lie to a friend like that? How could he not share about his excitement or nervousness of becoming a Father? I thought maybe I was not good enough to be a friend to him. Or maybe he was trying to take advantage of my innocence. The wife started saying that it was not her first time trying to clarify things with some unknown girls. He has been flirting around on Facebook for so long she added.

On Bhutanese News and Forums, I usually see arguments, hatred and all the negative vibes. I see beautiful pictures of women and the caption would always be negative. If we go through the profile of who posted it, it would always be someone behind a mask. If you are not prepared to show yourself up to your own opinion, you should not say it at all. Be your true self and say what has to be said. If you have the audacity to stand against someone you think is mean, be brave enough to say anything to the same person on the face. Trust yourself enough and do not be afraid to take a stand. People may get confused if you are right but as long as you are not faking it up, they will support you. Do not be a coward hiding behind the curtains. Stop wasting your time commenting on issues you do not understand. Do not support the fake account holders without giving it a second thought.

Many of the Bhutanese people are faking identities and having arguments online causing trouble to the nation’s wellbeing as a whole. If the same people who are hiding their true identities were to say the same things openly, they would back off and say they are not ready to suffer the consequences. They play victim to the all the situations they created themselves. They might also say that there is no freedom of speech in our country because of which they ended up with anonymization. If you think you are right and something must be done for change, do you think faking an identity and raising your voice from nowhere can make things better? I would rather suggest you to be original and fight your own battle because hiding somewhere could make things worse. People would appreciate you more, if you are bold enough to show your face.

If you know something needs to be improved, improve yourself first. It is not okay to take advantage of the faceless account you create just so you think you will never be caught. It is not okay to say anything about anyone when you have never walked the same shoes as them. It is not okay to threaten someone for something you thought was wrong. You never know if a mistake someone made has left the person regretting and learning through it. It is not okay to defame anyone on social media. It is not okay to speak evil of anyone you think cannot do anything to you in return because God sees the truth and once you die, no on e saves you from lies. In the end, truth wins not a lie.

Let Us Make Bhutan a Happier Place and Social Media a Safer Platform


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This article is contributed by Sonam Dema.

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