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Web Application Development in Bhutan is increasing in its demand because every business in India needs a Custom Web Application which suites their requirements. Pre-built CMS systems like WordPress, Joomla or Zen-cart do not fit in each and every project.

Web Application Development Companies are increasing in Bhutan due to this demand. Many newbie companies don’t have the necessary experience in Web based Application Development and hence unable to fulfill your every requirements. Professional and Secure Web Application are the basic requirements that every Website must have, otherwise hackers may damage your business before you know it. Hack-Free Website Application is what we deliver.


We offer custom web application development solutions to increase efficiency or to simply do more with less. If you are also looking for an internal application for your team or an external solution to communicate with your field force, we can build the perfect application for your needs.

Various information gained from many applications on a single user interface, will be an easy task and quick task for managers or users. It will simplify the business process across the enterprise for real-time information access for all users, and transparency across all systems. With our user-friendly interfaces and training programs, you can add and update content by simply filling out an online form and see the results in real time.

Laravel Application Development: Laravel has recently emerged as one of the most powerful PHP frameworks. This particularly platform follows the MVC model, which helps in improving the performance of web applications and saves time during development. With its easy syntax, numerous built-in functions and rapid development, Laravel is a framework that is currently high in demand in the world of web applications.

iDruk offers you to hire our accomplished Laravel developers to build customized applications for your business, API development, bundle development and maintenance of your existing Laravel applications.

CRM Software Development: CRM solution is not just software, it’s a business strategy. iDruk has been a prominent player in developing custom CRM Application development for various industries. A good CRM solution not just streamlines the sales and marketing process of the organization but it also supports the other divisions of the organization like finance, administration, accounting and reporting. Businesses today have identified customer relation to a prime factor in the growth of the organization and thus have implemented bespoke custom CRM systems to the core.