New extra features in Google Search on its 20th anniversary 2018

It’s been 20 years since Google Search first arrived on the web, and the company is updating its core product with a slew of new features for the anniversary. Google Search is the company’s flagship product. It was the service that really put Google on the map. While their portfolio of services has grown immensely, Search is still the thing they are most known for. Today, the company announced a bunch of new features and updates to Search on several platforms.

Among the new features like Google Lens, we have spotted the new Activity Card, which appears as a thin strip above your results. Expanding the card will show you related searches as well as previous searches you’ve performed on the same topic. Activity Cards will surface “where you left off in search,” showing you previous pages/sites visited and previous queries. Google says they won’t show up every time or for every query, and users can edit and remove results from the Cards.


Google is improving the search experience by surfacing your past queries with Activity cards that appear right on the results page. These cards appear “intelligently” when deemed useful by Google, and will not be visible for every search.

Google Discover
Google Discover

Google Feed becomes ‘Discover.’ Google revealed that Google Feed has 800 million monthly active users globally. It also said that the feed is an increasing source of traffic for third-party publishers. Today, the company announced a name change and some enhancements to Google Feed.

The ever-evolving Google Feed has officially been rebranded to “Discover.” Google says the new name better reflects their goal with feed: uncovering fresh content for things you care about. The new Discover icon will also pop up in search results occasionally. If you see it next to a trending topic you can tap it to follow the topic.


Google says Discover won’t only be for new content either. They will resurface old “Evergreen” content that you have never seen before. If all of this sounds overwhelming, there are new tools for customizing how often you’ll see things. Lastly, Discover will not only be in the Google app. It will also appear on the mobile web.


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